PIRC at the 2017 ELSI Congress

Many of us PIRCers came out of NIH-funded ELSI training programs, so we’re proud to have our individual and collaborative ELSI work represented at this year’s ELSI Congress at the Jackson Labs in Farmington, Connecticut.

Stephanie Kraft will appear on panel B2 (Monday 1:30pm), speaking on the topic, “Categorizing Genetic Conditions in the Era of Reproductive Genome Sequencing: What Lines, If Any, Should be Drawn for Expanded Genomic Testing?”

Shubha Chandrasekharan and Vardit Ravitsky will appear on panel D1 (Tuesday 10:30am), discussing “Ethical and Social Implications of Clinical Implementation of cffDNA Prenatal Screening in North America: a Comparison Between the United States and Canada.”

Josephine Johnston will co-lead workshop D3 (Tuesday 10:30am), discussing newborn genetic sequencing (title: “Should Every Newborn be Sequenced at Birth?  Crafting Policies to Guide Genomic Practice”); and she will also appear on panel H2 (Wednesday 1:15pm), discussing the return of secondary results in prenatal and pediatric sequencing (title: “The Importance of Choice About Secondary Results from Genomic Sequencing: Opportunities and Challenges for Parents and Prospective Parents”).

Marsha Michie, Ruth Farrell, and Megan Allyse have a poster in the Monday evening session, titled “Translating cfDNA Screening: Ethical and Social Issues Along the Pathway.” For more information, click the image at right.

And Megan Allyse has a poster on the OXYgen project in the Monday evening session, titled “Pyschosocial experiences of individuals and families with diagnoses of sex chromosome aneuploidy.”

For more information on any of these sessions, or the research behind them, please contact the individual researchers, or contact us here. See you at #ELSICon!


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