megan-allyseMegan Allyse is an Assistant Professor with the Biomedical Ethics Program at Mayo Clinic, Rochester and holds a joint appointment in Obstetrics and Gynecology.  She studies the ethical, legal and social implications of emerging technologies – especially genetic and stem cell technologies – and works extensively on women’s health and reproductive rights. She has researched and publishes extensively on the translation of genetic technologies, with special focus on non-invasive prenatal genomic technologies.

Recent Publications

Expanding Use of cfDNA Screening in Pregnancy: Current and Emerging Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues
*Lindsay Parham, Marsha Michie, Megan Allyse. Current Genetics Medicine Reports.

Conflicts of interest in genetic counseling: acknowledging and accepting.
Katie A Stoll, Amanda Mackison, Megan A Allyse and Marsha Michie. Genetics in Medicine.

Dr. Pangloss’s Clinic: Prenatal Whole Genome Sequencing and a Return to Reality
, & American Journal of Bioethics.

Impact of the increased adoption of prenatal cfDNA screening on non-profit patient advocacy organizations in the United States.
Meredith, S, Kaposy, C, Miller V.J., Allyse, M.A., Chandrasekharan, S, Michie, MM, and the Prenatal Testing PAG Coalition. Prenatal Diagnosis

Informed decision-making about prenatal cfDNA screening: As assessment of written materials.
Michie, M, Kraft, S.A., Minear, M.A., Ryan, R.R., Allyse, M.AEthics, Medicine & Public Health: Special Issue: Ethics, Medicine and Genetics.

“I think we’ve got too many tests!”: Prenatal providers’ reflections on ethical and clinical challenges in the practice integration of cell-free DNA screening.
*Gammon, B, Kraft, S.A., Michie, M.M., Allyse, M.A. Ethics, Medicine & Public Health: Special Issue: Ethics, Medicine and Genetics.

Experiences of Mandarin-speaking and English-speaking women of undergoing non-invasive prenatal genetic screening.
*Li, G. D. and Allyse, M.AEthics, Medicine & Public Health: Special Issue: Ethics, Medicine and Genetics.

“The Top Priority Is a Healthy Baby”: Narratives of Health, Disability, and Abortion in Online Pregnancy Forum Discussions in the US and China.
*Li G, Chandrasekharan S, Allyse M. Journal of Genetic Counseling.

Non-invasive prenatal testing in the non-Western context.
Vardit Ravitsky, Jessica Mozersky, Marsha Michie, Rayna Rapp, Megan Allyse, and Subhashini Chandrasekharan. BioNews.

Old Questions, New Paradigms: Ethical, Legal and Social Complications of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing.
Michie, M and Allyse, M. In Press. AJOB Empirical Bioethics.

“Don’t want no risk, don’t want no problems”: Public understandings of the risks and benefits of novel prenatal technologies in the United States.
Allyse M, Sayres LC, Michie M, Goodspeed T and Cho M. In Press. AJOB Empirical Bioethics.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing: A review of international implementation and challenges.
Allyse M, Minear M, Berson E, Rote M, Sidhar S, Hung A, Chandresekharan S. In Press. International Journal of Women’s Health.

Noninvasive Prenatal Testing Goes Global
S Chandrasekharan, MA Minear, A Hung, M Allyse. 2014. Science Translational Medicine 6 (231), 231fs15-231fs15

Attitudes towards non-invasive prenatal testing for aneuploidy among US adults of reproductive age
M Allyse, LC Sayres, TA Goodspeed, MK Cho. 2014. Journal of Perinatology 34 (6), 429-434

Demographic and Experiential Correlates of Public Attitudes Towards Cell-Free Fetal DNA Screening
*LC Sayres, M Allyse, TA Goodspeed, MK Cho. 2014. Journal of Genetic Counseling, 1-11

Ethical, legal and social issues surrounding research on genetic contributions to anti-social behavior
*CM Berryessa, NA Martinez-Martin, MA Allyse. 2013. Aggression and Violent Behavior 18 (6), 605-610

Not-so-incidental findings: the ACMG recommendations on the reporting of incidental findings in clinical whole genome and whole exome sequencing
M Allyse, M Michie. 2013. Trends in Biotechnology 31 (8), 439-441

Best ethical practices for clinicians and laboratories in the provision of noninvasive prenatal testing
MA Allyse, LC Sayres, M Havard, JS King, HT Greely, L Hudgins, J Taylor, …
Prenatal Diagnosis 33 (7), 656-661

Translating cell-free fetal DNA technology: structural lessons from non-invasive RhD blood typing
*TA Goodspeed, M Allyse, LC Sayres, ME Norton, MK Cho
Trends in Biotechnology 31 (1), 7-9

In the public interest?
*LC Sayres, M Allyse, TA Goodspeed, MK Cho. Science Translational Medicine 4 (144), 144fs23-144fs23

Imperfect informed consent for prenatal screening: Lessons from the Quad screen
ML Constantine, M Allyse, M Wall, R De Vries, TH Rockwood
Clinical Ethics, 1477750913511339

23 and Me, We, and You: direct-to-consumer genetics, intellectual property, and informed consent
M Allyse
Trends in biotechnology 31 (2), 68-69

Ethics watch: The GI genome: ethical implications of genome sequencing in the military
M Allyse, LC Milner, MK Cho
Nature Reviews Genetics 12 (9), 589-589

Integrating stakeholder perspectives into the translation of cell-free fetal DNA testing for aneuploidy
LC Sayres, M Allyse, MK Cho. Genome Med 4 (6), 49

Cell-free fetal DNA testing for fetal aneuploidy and beyond: clinical integration challenges in the US context
M Allyse, LC Sayres, JS King, ME Norton, MK Cho. Human Reproduction 27 (11), 3123-3131

Customers or research participants?: Guidance for research practices in commercialization of personal genomics
SL Tobin, MK Cho, SSJ Lee, DC Magnus, M Allyse, KE Ormond, … Genetics in Medicine 14 (10), 833-835

Cell‐free fetal DNA testing: a pilot study of obstetric healthcare provider attitudes toward clinical implementation
*LC Sayres, M Allyse, ME Norton, MK Cho. Prenatal Diagnosis 31 (11), 1070-1076

Informational risk, institutional review, and autonomy in the proposed changes to the common rule
M Allyse, K Karkazis, SSJ Lee, SL Tobin, HT Greely, MK Cho, D Magnus
IRB-Ethics and Human Research 34 (3), 17

Embryos, ethics and expertise: the emerging model of the research ethics regulator
M Allyse
Science and Public Policy 37 (8), 597-609

Book Chapters

Noninvasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS) for Fetal Aneuploidies. (Book chapter)
Allyse M.A., Highsmith W.E. Jr., Borowski K.S., Wick M.J. Diagnostic Molecular Pathology.

D Magnus, M Allyse
Encyclopedia of Ethics

Human Embryonic Stem Cells: International Policy and Regulation
M Allyse, S Minger
Advances in Tissue Engineering, 43

Blame Francis Bacon: The Metaphor of Progress and the Progress of Metaphor in Science
M Allyse
Communicating Biological Sciences: Ethical and Metaphorical Dimensions, 237