Good Start Genetics Expands into PGS with Goal of Entering NIPT Market

Good Start Genetics, a Cambridge, Mass.-based firm that markets a next-generation sequencing-based carrier screening test, has plans to develop a preimplantation genetic screening test based on NGS technology it licensed from Johns Hopkins University and plans to eventually move into the noninvasive prenatal testing market. The company’s goal is to transition from a one-test provider to a full-service genetic testing company in the broader reproductive health market and potentially other markets that capitalize on the company’s NGS expertise, CEO Don Hardison, told GenomeWeb. “We’re going through a strategic review now,” he said. “One of our clear [areas of] expertise is around next-gen sequencing,” and the firm is looking at “markets to apply interesting applications of next-gen sequencing, both inside and outside of reproductive health.” Read more.


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