BGI is granted patent in 16 countries for non-invasive prenatal genetic test technology

The European Patent Office has issued patent number EP2561103B1 for invention to BGI for its independently researched non-invasive prenatal genetic test (NIPT) technology. This technology has been developed by BGI in connection with the provision of its market leading NIPT, the NIFTY® test. The patent is effective in 15 member countries including England, Belgium, Spain, Slovenia, Hungary, Sweden, Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, France, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Romania.

This patent was granted by the European Patent Office. This is the first patent for non-invasive prenatal genetic testing technology approved by the Europe Patent Office to a mainland Chinese registered company.

Meanwhile, the State Intellectual Property Office of China also issued a Notice of Grant of Patent Right to BGI, meaning that this patent has been granted domestically as well as internationally. Read more.


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