Jessica Mozersky


Jessica Mozersky, PhD, is a postdoctoral fellow in advanced medical ethics at the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy. She explores the ethical and social implications of new genetic technologies.


Selected Publications

Mozersky, J. and Rapp, R. 2015. “Not Your Mother’s Amniocentesis” GeneWatch, 28 (2): 4 – 8.

Allyse, M, Michie, M, Mozersky, J. and Rapp, R. 2015 “Cherchez la femme: Reproductive CRISPR and Women’s Choices” American Journal of Bioethics, Open Peer Commentary (in press)

Mozersky J. 2015 “Hoping Someday Never Comes: Deferring Ethical Thinking about Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing” American Journal of Empirical Bioethics 6 (1): 31-41

Cheon J, Mozersky J and Cook-Deegan, R. 2014 “Variants of Unknown Significance in BRCA: A Harbinger of Ethical and Policy Issues to Come?” Genome Medicine 6 (12)

Gibbon, S, Joseph, G, Mozersky J, zur Nieden, A, and Palfner, S. (Eds) 2014 Breast Cancer Gene Research and Medical Practices: Transnational Perspectives in the time of BRCA, Routledge: London UK

Mozersky J. and Gibbon, S. 2014 “Mapping Jewish Identities: Migratory Histories and theTransnational Re-framing of ‘Ashkenazi BRCA Mutations’ in the UK and Brazil” in Breast Cancer Gene Research and Medical Practices: Transnational Perspectives in the time of BRCA, Routledge: London UK

Wagner, JK, Mozersky J and Pyeritz RE. 2014 “‘Use it or lose it’ as an alternative approach toprotect genetic privacy in personalized medicine.” Urologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations on the Ethical and Sociocultural Implications of Personalized Medicine 32: 198-201

Mozersky, J. and Mennuti, MT. 2013 “Cell free fetal DNA testing – who will drive implementation?” Genetics in Medicine 15 (6): 433-434

Mozersky J. 2013 Risky Genes: Genetics, Breast Cancer and Jewish Identity, Routledge: London UK

Mozersky J. 2012 “Who’s to Blame? Accounts of Genetic Responsibility and Blame among Ashkenazi Jewish Women at Risk of BRCA Breast Cancer” Sociology of Health and Illness 34 (5): 776-790

Mozersky J. 2011 “Repensando las consecuencias de las investigaciones de genetica medica en las poblaciones: el caso de los judios Ashkenazi” (Re-thinking the Consequences of Genetic Research for Populations: the Case of Ashkenazi Jews) Perspectivas Bioéticas 16(30): 101-22

Mozersky J. and Joseph, G. 2010 “Case Studies in the Co-Production of Populations and Genetics: the Making of ‘at Risk’ Populations in BRCA genetics” Biosocieties 5(4): 415-39

“‘Marry out?’ Some surprising consequences of genetic disease risk among Ashkenazi Jews” BioNews Issue 658 28 May 2012. Progress Educational Trust, London UK. Available online at


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