Michelle L. McGowan, PhD is an Associate Professor of Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Bioethics at The Pennsylvania State University. Her research focuses on the ethical and social implications of commercial and clinical applications of reproductive and genomic technologies.

Publications on preimplantation and prenatal genetic and genomic technologies:

Juengst, Eric T., Jennifer R. Fishman, Michelle L. McGowan, Richard A. Settersten, Jr. (2014). Serving epigenetics before its time. Trends in Genetics, 30(10): 427-429.

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McGowan, Michelle L., Chris Burant, Rocio Moran, and Ruth Morgan Farrell. (2009). “Patient education and informed consent for preimplantation genetic diagnosis: health literacy for genetics and assisted reproductive technology.” Genetics in Medicine, 11(9), 640-645.


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