BioNews report from our December workshop

We are happy to have a featured commentary in this week’s BioNews. This week’s issue of BioNews features a summary of our December workshop at the Brocher Institute. That workshop gathered experts from around the world to discuss the global implementation of cfDNA screening, also known as NIPT.

Key issues that emerged in our workshop are described in the BioNews article, including:

  • Informational needs;
  • Commercial pressures;
  • Economic realities;
  • Cultural diversity; and
  • Access to abortion.

The article was authored by the six co-organizers of the workshop, who are all PIRC collaborators: Vardit Ravitsky, Jessica Mozersky, Marsha Michie, Rayna Rapp, Megan Allyse, and Subhashini Chandrasekharan.

We look forward to disseminating more of the great information, discussion, and policy work that took place at our workshop in the coming months, so stay tuned!


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