QUIPS uses an innovative methodology call Q-sorting to compare the underlying values surrounding complex prenatal genetic information across certain populations. In this case, we are comparing the views of Test Developers, Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists, Medical Geneticists, Genetic Counselors, Obstetricians, Pregnant Women, and Women Who Have Received an Invasive Microarray Procedure. Each participant is asked to rank a series of 55 statements from the literature in order of how well it matches their own views. These sorts are then compared to reveal areas of agreement and variation between participant populations.

Although microarray analysis is not currently available non-invasively, there are signs that this level of analysis may soon be available non-invasively. This study seeks to proactively understand where areas of ethical and clinical concern are located. If you are in one of the above groups and would like more information about participating in QUIPS, please contact us. Participants may receive a small amount of compensation.

Papers and Presentations from this study:

This study is currently recruiting.