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The KEAPS study is a longitudinal survey study of patient experiences with undergoing counseling for, and receiving results of, non-invasive prenatal testing. KEAPS recruits at two prenatal clinics in the Kaiser Southern California network; participants receive a survey after their prenatal visit and before they receive their prenatal test results. If they accepted NIPT, they also receive a second survey after they have received their results. KEAPS includes multiple measures of patient understanding, decisional satisfaction and decisional conflict. Because all Kaiser patients also receive genetic counseling, KEAPS will also evaluate satisfaction with the genetic counseling experience.

This study has now closed recruitment. We are working on analysing and publishing the results.

Papers and Presentations from this study:

Women’s Experience of Genetic Counseling for Non-Invasive Prenatal Genetic Screening
Megan Allyse, Marsha Michie, Stephanie Alessi Kraft, Melissa Constantine, Cherie Rao. Poster at the Annual Meeting of the International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis, Washington, DC.

2015 Allyse et al KEAPS

Women’s Assessment of Benefit in Pre-Test Genetic Counseling for Non-invasive Prenatal Testing
C. Rao, H. Kershberg, M. Constantine, S. Alessi, M. Michie, M. Allyse. Poster at the Annual Meeting of the National Society of Genetic Counselors, Pittsburg, PA.