Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks
Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks

The InVEST forum is an online, interactive forum where members of the public can interact with scenarios involving emerging technologies. In 2012, InVEST launched with a scenario about NIPT. Participants are asked to read a brief survey and offer advice regarding medical decision-making. They also interact with several statements made by real stakeholders, including patient advocates, scientists and doctors. Finally, they are asked to reflect on how this technology impacts their lives.

The results of the first InVEST scenario are currently being written up. If you would like to know when these results are published, please contact us. A second InVEST scenario is planned for later in 2014. It will address complex prenatal genetic information, such as from a microarray, and the duties and responsibilities physicians bear to return information, even uncertain information, to patients.

If you would like to explore the InVEST site, you can visit it here.

Papers and Presentations from this study:

Steinbach, R., Liu, E., Allyse, M., Michie, M. and Cho, MK. (Accepted) “This lifetime commitment”: Public narratives of disability and non-invasive prenatal genetic testing. American Journal of Medical Genetics Pt A.