This study observes online pregnancy forums in English-language and Mandarin-language online pregnancy sites to assess how users discuss the prpregnant-woman-with-umbrella-1425129062okYocess of contemplating and undergoing cell-free DNA testing.

Papers from this study:

*Li G. and Allyse M. Experiences of Mandarin-speaking and English-speaking women of undergoing non-invasive prenatal genetic screening. Ethics, Medicine and Public Health. 2016. 2(3):372-82.

*Li G, Chandrasekharan S, and Allyse M. “The Top Priority Is a Healthy Baby”: Narratives of Health, Disability, and Abortion in Online Pregnancy Forum Discussions in the US and China. J Genet Couns. 2016 Jun 9

Presentations from this study:

See the 2014 Poster at the Annual Meeting of the International Society of Prenatal Diagnosis. ISPD Grace